Smart pediatric growth chart app



Smart pediatric growth chart app



Developed for the SMART Project, this pediatric growth chart app helps clinicians get an accurate overview of a child’s growth patterns, yet it is simple enough to communicate data meaningfully to parents. This open source app combines the best parts of the old analogue tool with all the benefits of modern information technology 


A Design-led Approach to Healthcare

Working closely with a panel of pediatric specialists, our goal was to combine design thinking and medical expertise to create an interactive dashboard that would quickly highlight the most important aspects of a patient’s overall health. We interviewed pediatric and medical informatics specialists to get a holistic understanding of how the growth chart is used: from graph content to contextual settings. This in-depth research process unearthed insights on how the charts were actually being used and how design could transform them into powerful communication tools.


Check out the working prototype created by the SMART Dev team.



Cognitive Ease

Seeing all growth information at once graphically provides complete context at a glance. And with a click, clinicians can compare growth values between any two dates, including the respective velocities.



Graph Comparison

To improve understanding of a child’s development, our clinical graph plots measurements against two statistical charts at once, such as CDC vs. Down Syndrome.


Informing Parents

To improve communication between clinician and parents, our parental view presents a less technical view of a child’s composite growth data, including depicting a child’s stature in a universally recognized way.


Safe Data Entry

Our research showed many examples of how errors during data input led to fatalities. To resolve this, the Safe Data Input feature uses a sparkline that updates in real-time as data is entered, giving context to new data.